In interior decor, window coverings are just as important as any other design detail in a room. So, now that you have new and improved windows, let us tell you a few things about how you can decorate them and accentuate those beautiful new windows you have.

Roman shades

You can have them in any room. They offer privacy and darkness. From front door to the bathroom window, they literally fit in every room.

Roller shades

Also used for privacy and keeping light out, roller shades are more efficient than roman shades. They are suitable for all types of rooms, but they won’t really introduce any elegance to your interiors.

Tie-up shades

Just like roman shades, but a little more elegant, tie-ups will dress-up your kitchen windows, living room and bedroom windows. Make sure they fit in the style you chose for these rooms.

Balloon shades (or Austrian shade)

Mostly hung in exquisite bedrooms or living rooms, balloon shades will give your interior an 18th century feeling. It goes without saying that the furniture and accessories in the room decorated with balloon shades must be in the same style.


Drapery fashion has come a long way, just like curtain fashion has. You can opt for simple modern contemporary draperies, or for more luxurious one, these will also combine balloon shades with simple draperies. Again, you must be aware that they won’t compliment any decor, just because they’re elegant. The whole room must be on the same page, otherwise your ballroom draperies will contribute to a kitsch decor. 


Lambrequins can come in wood or in tougher fabrics, because they frame the window. Lambrequins are from the same category as balloon shades, so be careful when using them, make sure they suit the room.

Valances or cornices   

A simpler type of lambrequin, valances are easier to work with then the first. They can be fitted in both modern or
contemporary decors, and in traditional or rustic styles, because they are very versatile. Valances are designed to cover curtain rods or hardware above a window. If they have curtains flowing down from them, they are called pelmets.

We’ve not exhausted all window coverings, but in this article there are quite a few ideas on how to decorate your new or old windows. Please find them all in the gallery on the left.