Now that it’s summer time let’s talk about window boxes. These are a simple way of bringing a little nature closer while adding some great colour to your home. Some people live in an area where trees and flowers are lacking, others may just want to enjoy the beauty and colour of having flowers and plants close by. The simplest way to do it, especially when you don’t have your own garden, is to install flower boxes in your windows. It’s easy and cheap, but there are things you should know before proceeding to do any DIY.

The first thing to know is that your flower boxes should be placed in front of a window that gets as much sunlight as the plants need. 
Then, you should check exactly how your windows open. If they are windows that slide open or when they are double hung, then their opening won’t interfere with flower boxes. So these window boxes can be installed closer to the bottom sash, while paying attention to the plants so that you don’t clench their leaves or flowers when closing your windows. However, if you have swinging windows that open outwards, then the flower box should be installed a little lower. Window boxes should come with installation instructions, but take care with  the wall mounting and the brackets you use and pay attention to the material your house is made of, because depending on this (brick, stone, wood etc) will determine how you install the window boxes. For example, if we are talking about brick or stone, you should use masonry fasteners for a safer fixation. For wooden houses locate the studs of the outside walls and use longer screws or fasteners to penetrate those studs. 

There are plenty types of window boxes to choose from, made of a lot of materials, in different shapes and sizes. You choose what you like to add a little colour to your house.