Most people love windows for all the natural light they give and we want them in all our rooms, all over the house. When it comes to the bathroom we need a window in there to vent the room in order to dry the moisture and give us good light.
Unfortunately bathrooms with windows placed just above the bathroom sink can cause a few problems.
First, if your bathroom faces a public area, you’d want it covered with a film or a transparent curtain, so that you can enjoy your privacy.
Second, what everybody usually wants above the bathroom sink is a mirror. Shaving, teeth brushing or applying makeup are just some of the activities that need to be done in the bathroom, in front of a mirror.
In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to make the best of an ‘above the sink window’ so along with a few ideas on how to enjoy both a window and a mirror above the bathroom sink.
Sliding mirror
This idea is purely genius and so simple to implement. Slide the mirror over the window only when you need it.

Round/oval mirror

Also a simple idea is to mount a smaller mirror in front of the window, so that you can enjoy both outside light and use your mirror. The downside would be that your window couldn’t be fully opened, only tilted.

Hung mirror

A much cheaper and easier alternative would be to hang a mirror on top of the window, so that you can take it down whenever you need to open the window.

Freestanding mirror

The freestanding mirror above the bathroom sink gives the impression of a makeup table, with a lot of light coming from behind it. Set up the tap to the right or to the left, and there you have it.

Swing arm mirror / Freestanding makeup mirror

Another easy option and a very handy one is to install a swing arm mirror, which you can handle without interfering with the window or faucets. An even simpler option is a freestanding small makeup mirror that you can place on your sink’s counter and it doesn’t even require installation.