The cold and damp months in Dublin are coming, and that usually means keeping the windows closed and the heaters turned up. An important part of keeping your home nice and cozy, as well as being the most energy efficient, is to ensure that your windows are properly sealed and secured. Drafty windows in particular make it far more difficult to heat your home efficiently. It is relatively easy to check if you have any drafts. Some may be obvious with cold gusts of air seeping in, but smaller leaks might be harder to detect. You might try holding a lit match near your windows on a windy day to determine of any airflow is coming in.

Check the seals on the outside window frames, a common source of drafts. Heat can dry up sealant and cause it to crack, leaving you more vulnerable to wind and water leaks. Another source of a leak could come from the glazing, as the putty ages and it regularly needs replacing. If your window rattles, this is most likely the cause. 

With regular cleaning, sealing, and glazing, many windows can be kept in good condition for a long time. However, if you find that your windows are not in the tip-top shape they once were, and if you find that a window regularly leaks in cold air, despite your attempts to patch or repair it, then it might be time for a replacement. Even if you are a person who is good at DIY, finding and replacing your windows can be a difficult process. That’s where the experts come in. Rationel Windows & Doors has been a leader in window replacement in the Dublin area for over 30 years. They can get your new window installed quickly and efficiently, so wintertime in your home will be as cozy as can be!