When you have older wood windows, there is a good chance that cold air is seeping into your home somewhere, and increasing your energy use. There are different techniques you can use to counter this problem, such as installing weather strips on wood windows. 

Weather stripping can be very effective at air sealing your windows and, if done properly, it can last for years. It can also be extremely adaptable and used to seal many types of cracks and gaps. Once installed, your windows will be properly sealed and you can go about living in your home without worrying about any cold drafts or losing precious heat. 

In some cases, you may need to have the sashes removed from the windows in order to install the weather stripping, and it is a wise addition to perform weather stripping along with a full restoration of the sashes. Also, if your windows are painted shut or they barely move or open due to paint building up, installing weather strips may cause them to be even more difficult to operate. When this is the case, prior to installation, it is best to scrape the jambs clean of any build up of paint and dirt, so there is a smooth and clean surface to work with.

 If you have windows that are old and prone to drafts, or just loose in their jambs, this may be a good situation for weather stripping. Contact the windows and doors experts in Dublin to find out the best way to maintain or refurbish your windows.