As window manufacturers, we here at Rationel have encountered many situations when our clients have requested some unusually shaped windows. And we are not just talking about elliptical, octagon, pentagon, springline or partially arched windows, but about more difficult to obtain windows. It’s always a challenge which we accept with enthusiasm.
In this article we will show you some examples from all over the world, of eccentric pieces of architecture that we absolutely admire.
House on the Flight of Birds, located in Azores, Portugal, features a very interesting window shape that is, believe it or not, not actually that difficult to acquire. (image 1)
The Wave House is not only shaped like a wave, it is also designed to capture the sound of a wave. It is located in Santa Barbara, California, at 60 feet above a beach. (image 2)

We cannot overstate how beautiful are the windows of Casa Batllo in Barcelona. We love Antonio Gaudi’s art and playful designs. (image 3)

The idea is that any window shape you fancy, there’s a way to get it. And the effect can really be amazing.