Doorknobs, door levers, handle sets, deadbolts, hinges, pocket door, keyless locks, kickplates. Do you know what all these terms mean and how they function? But, most important, why do you need them? In this article, we’ll help you get to know them.
Most people will leave their ‘door hardware’ choices in the hands of the professional and be happy with just getting involved in choosing the materials, models and sizes of their new doors. But there are people who like to get involved much more and to know everything there is about everything in their house. Doors hide a lot of hardware that may not even be noticed, but without which they won’t work properly.
We won’t bore you with hardware mechanisms, but we’ll highlight the terms you need to focus on such as:
* Doorknobs – they come with several functions and which to use will depend on the type of door they are opening, they are different for closet doors, bathroom doors or entrance doors. They can be locking or non-locking, and they are usually mounted on the exterior. On the interior, they have a push button lock, in order to be able to open the doors from the inside. On the outside, they will have a key cylinder that will enable you to open it with a key. The non-locking doorknobs are usually mounted on interior doors which don’t need to be locked.
* Deadbolts – are the mechanisms used for locking the door. They may come incorporated in with the doorknob, or individually. Deadbolts may be single or double cylindered, meaning that single cylinders are locked on the exterior and on the interior they have a turn lever, while double cylinders are locked with a key both from the inside and from the outside.
* Door levers – they serve the same purpose as the doorknobs – to open and close a door. When purchasing a door lever, you need to pay attention to the swing of the door, so that you don’t buy one that won’t help you open your door. They come in so many shapes, colours and sizes that will compliment any style your house has. You can choose one to fit in a traditional decor, a modern one, a country or an industrial design.
* Inner and outer panels – these panels are usually plates depending on the door lock type. They are used to attach the doorknob and key inserts.
* Bolt plate – it’s attached on the interior of the door, on its edge, to hold the deadbolt in place.
These are the most important pieces of hardware of a door, but, of course, there are others as well. When replacing the existing hardware of your door, or when purchasing a new door, be sure to match the hardware style to the general appearance of the house. Rationel Windows and Doors has a large variety of door accessories. Call us and let’s talk.