Winter in Ireland can reach freezing temperatures, and it can cause us to bundle up under our blankets and light a nice fire to stay cosy. Many people are also becoming more energy conscious and looking for ways to improve their home performance. When it comes to energy efficiency, well insulated walls and windows are the most important items to consider. In regards to your windows, triple glazed insulation in the cold season can make all the difference.

 When your home is insulated well, the heat remains trapped within your home and retains higher and longer levels of warmth. That means less energy used to warm the room, and a lower annual energy bill. 

Many window manufacturers have been making triple-glazed windows for years, and these windows are increasingly being bought and installed in Ireland for both new builds and as replacement windows. Windows started out as single panes of glass, and many older homes may still have this style. When the air in your home is colder than it should be, consider upgrading your windows to a more energy efficient option. If budget is an issue, using strategy for upgrading certain windows might be beneficial as well, such as using triple glazed insulation for windows in the areas that are exposed to more wind or less sunlight. It makes sense that the windows on the east and west sides of your home would transmit more sunlight through passive solar heating, while on the south and north sides it might be cooler with more shadows. 

Using different insulation for different orientations in a building could further improve the overall energy performance. For help choosing and installing new windows in your home, get in touch with the window experts in Ireland.