Windows can be a difficult task when it comes to cleaning. Out of all the cleaning chores we commonly avoid, windows rank high on the list for a reason. In many cases, there can be a lot of windows in your house, so it is often a big job. Added to this is the location of windows, with some houses requiring ladders or extension poles just to reach, so it is no wonder so many of us avoid this task. 

Windows can be difficult to keep completely clean, requiring continuous maintenance. There are many nooks and crannies that collect dust and grime and require constant attention. The fastest way to clean your windows starts with regular wipe downs. Keep several rags handy to dust the trims and windowsills. The window experts in Ireland also recommend a detailed washing of your windows at least twice a year. 

To get the glass on your windows to a clear, streak-free shine, you will need to pay attention to both sides of the glass. While it might be part of your regular cleaning routine to wipe down the inside of the windows, cleaning the outside is just as important, if not even more. The outside of your windows is the place the collects the most dirt, as it receives the effects of wind and weather. When your windows are worn and the glass has seen too many years of dirt and grime, it might be time to replace them. If you are considering new windows, check with the experts in Ireland for the best options in window replacements.