Sunrooms used to be a very common addition to houses in Ireland and are a wonderful and usually relatively inexpensive way to add an extra room to you house. In general, sunrooms are added either as an extension to a living room, or kitchen, or they can be separate from the house with its own entry.

In the past their use was limited because they tended to be cold places in the winter and they were usually only used from spring to autumn, but today thanks to the great strides we have taken in window technology, along with double and triple glazing window options, now they can be used all year round. 

Sunrooms can be built with any type of window structure, be it aluminium, wood, alu-clad or PVC. It depends on your budget and preferences. But what needs a little more attention is the type of glass you’d want to use for building a sunroom. This is the most important consideration, because if you do not choose the right type of window glass, it can ruin your time spent in there.

A sunroom needs to be protected from heat and also from cold and being entirely built from glass you need to make the right choices. Let’s see what the options are. 

Single glazed windows are definitely not an option because they don’t provide enough insulation. Basically during winter your sunroom will be cold, during summertime, it will be too hot. 

Double glazed windows are standard and they will work well in any sunroom. However, there are treated glasses that will offer an extra level of comfort and can be installed as double glazed windows for extra benefits. Read below about low e-glass, for example. 

Triple glazed windows are suitable only in areas where weather conditions are harsher: too cold or too hot. 

Low E-glass – this is a type of glass that will allow light to pass through, but will keep down the heat. So if you live in a hot area, you should consider it.  

Now that you know, doesn’t a sunroom sound good?