Square, rectangular or triangular shaped windows are nice and practical, but if you are looking for originality, individuality or freshness, when it comes to your house, the answer is the oddly shaped window.
Beautifully shaped windows have adorned old buildings, castles and mansions, for centuries and their charm has not diminished. Even if you’re not into traditional or antique design, today it is possible to enhance your living room windows, bedroom windows or your entrance door with modern windows shaped to your preference. You can choose elliptical, octagon, pentagon, springline or partially arched windows and install them wherever you think they will look good. The graceful curves of a shaped window will fit into any type of home design and add glamour to any interior. These shapes will incorporate your tastes and most certainly will be one of the focal points in your house.
Special shaped windows can be set up in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living room, even on doors – think about a heart shaped window on your entrance door. The most common shapes are round windows and variations of the circle (half chord, half circle, quarter circle etc), triangle windows (isosceles), springlines, trapezoids or pentagons. If you add sunburst grilles, your home will make a statement both on the outside and on the inside. Shaped windows are usually fixed windows installed in darker area of the house, or transoms, added above other windows for a more elongated shaped. They can also be equipped with a variety of opening functions according to their shapes.
When designing your home it’s easier to insert a shaped window here and there, but when wanting to add one to your existing home, it’s wiser to consult a specialist that will provide the necessary advice and drawings. Rationel is professional window company and our timber windows and composite windows can be shaped according to any tastes and requirements.