When it comes to home decor, everything is allowed. All it takes is some creativity and a little bit of daring. Beautiful things come to those who have the audacity to bring indoors, outdoor pieces of furniture or objects you couldn’t have imagined in a house.
Sectional doors are a good example of this. You may think that their place is solely at the entrance into a garage, but in this article we’ll show you their potential.
The sectional doors we talk about work exactly like your regular garage doors, except that their panels are made of glass, instead of aluminium, uPVC or wood. Inside a house they will work like floor to ceiling large windows that open up completely.
One of the most suitable place for them to be installed would be on the patio. There are a lot of options to choose from when thinking about a door to your patio and we have given you some examples in two of our previous articles (here and here). Sectional doors can make terrific patio doors because they offer a large opening and they let a great amount of light to enter the house when they are closed.
You could opt for pivoting doors or for sliding doors. Usually these doors have hinged panel segments that will slide overhead on tracks, just like garage doors do. By sliding overhead, they will take space from your ceiling, but if you have a taller house and the space allows it, you may want to have them slide up. Like in this image:

If you go for pivoting, this is how it can look:


The sectional doors will work great in a more contemporary industrial interior decor, but they also compliment wood and they would look great with accent colours.