In all our blog posts we talk about new windows, give you tips and feed your inspiration with various architectural ideas on how to use them so that you can really get the most out of them. But we also are firm believers in sustainability and do encourage you to repurpose your old windows or to recycle them whenever possible. 

There are plenty of DIY projects that can be born out of old windows and in this article we’ll give you a few ideas on how to use them to accessorise your interiors.

Photo frame

You need a sash window frame with or without glass panes. If it doesn’t have glass panes, you can stretch a string hang photos in each sash with clothes pins. Or if the panes are intact, you can just glue the photos so that you have a beautiful collage.

Memo board
For this project you need your window frame to have glass panes or a chalkboard instead. If the panes are in place, you can turn them into chalkboard with a special spray. 

Decorative mirror

Replace the panes with mirror, repaint the frame and you’ll get a great mirror to hang in your hallway.

Jewellery holder

No glasses needed for this project. You have a few options to create a jewellery holder out of an old window frame: 1. attach wire rods; 2. back it with a net; 3. add hooks.

Room dividers

Old windows have a certain charm and for those who are into the shabby-chic trend, they are a must. Just get yourself some large windows and hang them from the ceiling. Beautiful room divider.