At Rationel Windows and Doors Ireland, we know a thing or two about what top-quality double and triple glazed windows look like and our many years in the industry allows us to create the perfect options for homes across Ireland, regardless of whether your home is contemporary or traditional in style.

Here we look at just some of the traditional styles of timber and alu clad windows that we offer to suit established and period properties.

Bay Windows
A feature of many established properties are bay windows, which obviously need to be replaced with windows of the same style for the sake of the building itself and its surroundings. At Rationel, we are able to create bespoke timber/aluminium windows and composite doors that completely match the aesthetic and colour scheme of the original windows.

Energy Saving – Even For Older Homes
The great thing is that the supreme energy-saving qualities our windows offer can also be enjoyed by those owning classic or period properties. For example, the Rationel FORMA and FORMAPLUS range can be created to match existing arched windows, single hung windows or even casement windows. Manufactured to your precise specifications, Rationel Windows are about as durable as they come and require little to no maintenance to keep looking their best.

It’s important and very often a legal requirement to maintain the external aesthetic of period properties and our products allow you to so in a way that will recoup you much of the cost in what you don’t spend running costly heating and air conditioning systems. Just ask a few of our past customers what they think about our windows!

Want to Find Out More?
We’ve only touched upon the range of products we offer at Rationel Windows Dublin and if you’d like to find out more about what it is exactly that makes our windows and doors so special, we recommend that you take a look around our website

If after browsing through you have some questions you’d like answering or you’d simply like to talk to one of our consultants about getting some Rationel windows for your home, call us now on 01 297 1005 and our team will be delighted to assist.