People who dream of having a wall of windows in their home, but from a safety perspective  their home simply isn’t designed for it, can always opt for a picture window.
Picture windows are those large windows that cannot be opened and their purpose is only for décor and they are designed to offer a wider view of the surroundings.
Their greatest advantage, besides allowing natural light to invade your home, is that they are very energy efficient. During cold but sunny days of autumn, picture windows let in both natural light and heat from the sun. Lights don’t have to be switched on until later when there is no natural light outside and heating also can be turned on only after sunset (if they’re facing an area open to sunlight). They allow the heat to enter a home through the thermal heat transfer transfixed within the glass. Also, during hot days of summer, the glass can reflect and resist to the thermal heat transfer, making it perfect for any climate. This can reduce energy costs all year long.

Add to this the fact that maintenance and repair works are not needed, because by being fixed, they do not open and do not wear out. They don’t have moving parts so nothing needs to be replaced.

Picture windows will cost more, but will help you save more in the long run and are fantastic to use in any room exposed to a lot of sunlight.

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