Do you need new windows? Are you confused about which installer to use? It can be overwhelming when you think about the expense and the trouble that goes into purchasing windows for your home. When you are shopping for windows in Ireland, there are a few things to keep in mind during the process. These are a few of the questions to ask your window installer before deciding on the best one for the job.

To start, you should ask about the kind of materials they have available. Do they offer windows made of timber, aluminium, or uPVC? Are their windows double glazed or triple glazed? Do they have the right style or colours that you want? Be sure to match your needs to what the company offers.

If your home has special windows, ask about custom installations, as well as the time frames involved with custom orders. Do they offer custom fittings to your home’s specific measurements? How long will it take to receive a custom fitted window? Do your research and find out every detail about the job before committing to a custom project.

Find out more about the company’s background. How much experience do they have? What kind of history do they have in the community? Check out testimonials from people who have done business with them for a clearer picture of what your experience will be like. Be wary of any place that refuses to provide you with a detailed history or those where people have complained of their experience. You should know how reliable their services and products are before deciding.