One of the most important decisions you need to make when purchasing new windows is what material to choose. If you are looking to achieve a modern style to compliment your home, aluminium windows are designed to provide an overall sleek and contemporary feel.

 With minimalist homes, the trend is to have more glass and less visible frame. This is where aluminium works best. Their ultra slim frames allow for a larger glass area, permitting greater light into the room and creating an overall larger visual space. Aluminium windows are the right kind of chic that will make your rooms look ultra modern and spacious, and it will create an outside facade that appeals to anyone who passes by. 

There are many different choices of colour to create the perfect finish, from graphite, to cream, to white, for the best compliment to the design of your home. The frames can be fitted into brickwork flawlessly, helping to construct an airy and open feel to the windows. The materials are light but extremely secure, allowing you to feel safe from the elements. They are also extra durable, without any rot, rust, or flake to worry about, and aluminium has minimal expansion and contraction with the changes in temperature.

 With the added thermal insulation, you can even help reduce your energy costs. If you are looking for the perfect aluminium windows to create the modern look you want, contact us at Rationel. We have a vast selection of products with many options so you can create the perfect look for your home.