In one of our previous articles, we’ve talked about having stained glass in your house. However, stained glass is a bit expensive, due to the fact that the process is quite a meticulous one. But fear not! You can still have stained glass windows, because you can do it yourself or fake it.

Don’t be afraid to try it because it comes off with warm water and soap, so whenever you are tired of a pattern, you can try another one.

What do you need?

Ruler, permanent marker, acrylic paint, paper plate, a small painting brush, a pattern.

If you are confident and talented, you can try to draw a pattern without the help of an already drawn pattern on a paper. But if you’re not, you should search online or in craft shops for a pattern you like (it can be geometrical, floral, abstract etc). When you have it, it would be useful to have it printed on a paper, which you can stick on the outside of the window, so that you can trace the lines with your permanent marker on the inside. It’s the easiest way.

Before starting, you need to make sure your windows are clean and dry. 

How to do it?

Place the pattern on the outside of your window, making sure you can see the lines. With the permanent marker, draw the lines on the inside of the glass. If, by any chance, you make mistakes, don’t worry, permanent marker traces can be erased with water and soap and a paper towel.
You can leave the pattern in place so it’s more visible when you start painting.

To obtain the leading of stained glass, trace the contour (the marker lines) of the pattern with black acrylic paint and a sharp painting brush. Let it dry as long as it’s specified on the label.

After a few hours or the next day, start painting the insides of the leading, after mixing the colours on the paper plate. Let it dry.

Remove the pattern from the outside of the windows and let light go through them to get that beautiful effect of stained glass.