If you are about to put your house on the market in Ireland, chances are you are looking for ways to enhance the appearance of your home and make a good first impression. While interior design is significant in these situations, having an appealing exterior facade is also important. If your current windows have fading paint and deteriorating windows, not only will your property look unappealing upon first look, but that disposition can also carry through inside, with any splintered frames, cracked window panes, or any areas with an obvious draft.

Before going on the market, these issues should be addressed to ensure you make the best impression, and get the sale that you want.

Replacing old windows at the most basic level enhances security and the overall safety of the home, to counteract any potential burglary. This kind of evident protection appeals to new home buyers. New windows will also help the home to withstand any harsh weather and they can be triple glazed to improve energy efficiency. With the rising costs of energy services, this is also very appealing to any potential buyer. The pristine shine and featured attractiveness of brand new windows is perhaps the most compelling reason to have them installed. When a potential buyer walks up to your home for the first time, the exterior will speak volumes. 

In Dublin, estate agents advise on how windows improve your property and increase the resale value of your home. From classically designed timber to modern alu-clad, there are many options to compliment the style of your home.