Cleaning and taking care of your windows and doors is not something we may all put on our monthly to-do lists, but it should be. Understanding how to clean windows and doors properly not only keeps them looking clean and bright, it can help to save you the expense of future replacements. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning windows and doors is the type of chemicals and materials used for the job.

 When using a generic store-bought cleaner, you may be doing more harm than good, as some chemicals can cause exterior finishes to deteriorate. Power washing is also a practice that can harm exterior surfaces as well, as it can peel paint and may cause water damage. Window experts in Ireland recommend using non-abrasive materials to avoid any scratches or streaks.

Try using a gentle combination of water and vinegar or a mild soap to wipe down your windows or doors, while using a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to prevent any scratching. Using a squeegee is also a great tool for cleaning glass and obtaining the perfect shine without the leftover streaks. Avoid using paper towels, as they are known to cause many streaks and might be too harsh on the surface. Also be sure to dry the glass and the frame with a clean cloth after cleaning, as water can accumulate and cause damage to the window glazing. Learn how to clean windows and doors properly to sustain them for years of comfort and style, so you can prevent replacement until it is necessary. 

If you live in the Dublin area, and need help replacing your old windows, contact our expert staff at Rationel. With over thirty years of experience servicing Ireland with quality windows and doors, we have the knowledge and expertise you need!