The unrivalled charm of sash windows makes them so attractive that they have really stood the test of time and even in today houses they are still popular around the world. What makes them so popular is their design and construction, a reminder of the elegance of past designs. And today this look is achievable thanks to modern architecture and its ability to include these traditional style windows into new styles and designs.

There are some house designs that even if they carry the names of old times, they are very much modern. These designs are Georgian and Victorian and sash window is one of their specific characteristics. Even if the classic design is made of a six over six pattern of sashes, nowadays it is possible to style them according to your preferences. You can choose the opening function, but what’s more important you can add energy efficiency to their design. Today’s technologies allow you to have both pretty windows and cheaper energy bills.

You may have fallen in love with sash windows, but they don’t go with every style. Before installing them, take into account the house’s architecture and also consider the neighbourhood’s style, in general. Talk to a professional – architect or windows manufacturer – and get specialist advice and feedback.

The contemporary versions of vertical sliding sash redefine the style and through modern techniques, production technologies and improved materials, new sash windows were born. They are not just beautiful windows anymore, they are weather protected and energy efficient, they are low maintenance, conceived so that their cleaning is easier and faster.

If you already live in a house that features sash windows and they require repairs, these can be renovated so that they comply with your needs and, if required, can meet any regulations and standards, should you live in a protected building. Rationel offers both replacement and refurbishment services. Contact us (1800 292929) if you’re dealing with old sash windows. We can help.