At Rationel, we offer premium quality bespoke replacement windows and composite doors for homes and offices across Ireland. However, if you’re torn between bespoke double glazed windows and patio doors from Rationel, then you’re almost certainly going to be interested in a product that’s something of a compromise between the two.

Window doors are the perfect mid-way point between our alu clad windows and bespoke patio doors, as they offer the function of patio doors whilst also appearing from the outside to be a regular set of double or triple glazed windows.

The Same Proportions as a Window
The reason why Rationel windows and doors are able to provide this ‘no patio’ look is because they have exactly the same frame proportions as a regular window. From the outside, your window doors will offer the appearance of a regular window, with a narrow doorstep, rather than a bottom window will.

Our window doors also come with a slim frame, which means that you get a larger glassed area and more daylight coming in. It also offers an enhanced view of the outdoors and an increased insulation capacity, meaning optimal use of solar energy entering your home.

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