Bay windows add elegance and charm to a home, used as a reading corner or a breakfast nook, they can easily become your favourite place in the house.

Besides parks and open space, window seats bay window style are a great option when it comes to creating naturally lit indoor spaces. This type of space allows you to get close to nature, even on a cold winter day.

Bay windows first appeared in United Kingdom, in the eighteenth century and since then, they spread all over the world. Anywhere you travel, you will find at least one building that has a bow or bay window. They are designed to create an extra space in the exterior of the building and they provide a broader view over the street or garden. On historic and old buildings they are made of a few casement windows arranged in such a manner that they form an arch.

Today, bow & bay windows have been fully modernised and they have a completely different look, but the overall idea remains the same. Columns were replaced by thin pilotis, windows are larger, usually without sash. Even the form has been reinvented with straight lines instead of arched.

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