When located high up on a wall, you may think that your windows don’t require childproofing. Usually they don’t if there isn’t something that the child may climb to reach them. But if the windows are closer to the ground and if they could be easily opened by a toddler, or if they can be reached from the back of a sofa, or from a table, then you should definitely err on the side of caution.
The threats to which a toddler is exposed if they get near a window are numerous so here are some tips on how to childproof your windows.
Window locks – for sliding or double hung windows there are special locks that are easy to install and will prevent them from opening.

Window guards – for the sake of the comparison, they work just like bars in a jail. They are easy to install to any type of windows, they are easy to open for adults, but difficult for children. Install them if you have screens, because the screens alone won’t prevent an accident to happen.

Cordless shades – maybe you haven’t thought about this, but blind cords are very dangerous and have resulted in numerous tragedies. To avoid this, replace them with cordless shades. And while you’re at it, install some cord wraps, so that they can’t reach cords, if there still are some.

Window stops – these items will allow parents to control how widely the window opens.

Protective window film – today’s modern windows are not that easy to break. But suppose, by accident one does and your child is injured. What the protective window film does is prevent the glass from shattering into small shards and falling. Besides, it blocks the UV rays and can be cut to size.