As any parent on the planet, you most certainly want what’s best for your child from his/her birth for as long as you live. You want him to be healthy and offer him the best conditions for a proper development.
Being specialists in windows, we will give you some advice on what you need to consider, what’s important, what to do and what not to do.
First and foremost, nursery windows should be double glazed, properly insulated and energy efficient. The last thing you want is for your baby to catch a cold because the winter weather can enter the nursery and also you don’t want him to sweat during summertime, because the sun is shining on the windows all day long. Windows can keep both heat and cold outside, away from your baby and let you control the right temperature.
Other best practices for the nursery refer to window treatments as follows:
* avoid floor-length draperies. Toddlers can pull or try to climb them and accidents can happen.
* install longer rails so as not to block light from the window. By having a longer rail, when pulled back, they won’t reduce the window’s width.
* add a valance. It’s short and the child can’t reach it.
* use roller shades. They are inexpensive and invisible during the day, when rolled up.
* don’t use beaded decorated curtains. They can become loose and fall on the floor where toddlers can find them and swallow them. Use instead colourful and playful prints, or even embroidery.
* don’t leave the blind cords loose. Children can pull them or what’s worse, they pose a strangulation hazard to toddlers.