Many people run from the idea of placing their bed under a window, mostly because it’s not very Feng Shui, but we think you should really ignore these Feng Shui rules and now we’ll do our best to show you why windows and beds can and do work well together.
It’s challenging to decorate a bedroom when the windows are not well positioned. Usually it’s best to centre the bed, right under the windows, so that everything looks balanced, even if the windows are not quite in the middle of the wall. Placing the bed under it and decorating symmetrically, will create a symmetrical feeling.
Depending on the opening type of your windows, you should know if a headboard will work or not. If the window sill is too low, give up the headboard, it will darken your room. However, if the windows in the back are larger, you can definitely go for an impressive headboard.

If you’re worried about your privacy or lack of darkness in your bedroom, there are some pretty handy and beautiful options to cover the windows. Just like with any other windows, you can use curtains, blinds or draperies. And don’t forget to leave a little space between the bed and the windows.

In most cases, windows are the main focus of a room, but you can draw the attention away from them and don’t emphasise them if you’ll decorate the walls framing the windows with large paintings or art, and oversize lamps on the nightstands.

One more thing: make sure your windows are insulated and hermetic so that cold air won’t get inside and make you cold.